Become a VIP Sponsor

What We Do:

  • Promote paddle sports by creating fun opportunities for individuals and corporate groups to try dragon boating, such as ‘Learn to dragon boat’ sessions, and corporate team building programs.
  • Provide access to international calibre racing equipment for local teams (currently 7 teams and growing). At present this includes two 20-person BuK dragon boats, and two 10-person Champion dragon boats.
  • Teach local paddlers how to improve their skills through specialized clinics offered across Vancouver Island (and beyond). In 2011, the Gorging Dragons offered clinics in Victoria, Nanaimo, and Powell River that provided opportunities for more than 160 paddlers to improve their technique and this year, as part of VIP, even more clinics are expected.
  • Train and develop coaches for recreational teams across Vancouver Island. Almost all Victoria-area teams have been coached by, or have a coach trained by, the Gorging Dragons (one of VIP’s founding members). This tradition continues today, with 10 local teams coached by VIP members, and more expected to be added during the summer.
  • Cultivate competitive paddling programs that seek to develop paddlers and teams for the highest levels of international dragon boat competition.
  • Forge partnerships with other local organizations, such as the Victoria Dragon Boat Festival Society, to bring specialized coaching tools like the Merlin Excalibur Data Acquisition Paddle – a special paddle with force and positional sensors that analyze a paddler’s stroke mechanics – to Vancouver Island.

VIP President and Gorging Dragons Coach Tom Arnold celebrates the Victoria Dragon Boat Festival’s
purchase of the Merlin Excalibur Data Acquisition Paddle with Festival Chair Mark Grey-Dreaper.


Why Your Support is Valued:

Lack of funding is the challenge common to many sports across Canada, and dragon boating is no exception.

International class racing dragon boats cost $10,000 to $15,000 per boat, while additional solo training boats for serious paddlers run upwards of $3,500. Shipping is also a major challenge: one of the world's best boats, BuK, is sold in Toronto, but can cost $5,000 or more to deliver to the Island.

Coaching courses that cost hundreds of dollars for a weekend — and usually involve travel to the mainland — have discouraged many Island coaches from seeking the training they need to effectively steward their athletes. Your support will enable Vancouver Island's coaches to access certification courses closer to home.

What sets dragon boating apart from many other sports is the range of athletes that will benefit from any funding received. On Vancouver Island, dragon boat paddlers range from early teenagers to octogenarians, on teams that practice anywhere from four times per year to twelve times per week. There are specialized teams for cancer survivors and people with MS that focus on community and fun, plus teams that cultivate National Team members and compete against crews populated by Olympic canoeists and kayakers, and professional athletes from around the world.

Whether for fitness and fun, or serious competition, your support of VIP can help ensure that all paddlers on Vancouver Island have access to the equipment, coaching and training they need to reach their paddling goals.


What Your Sponsorship Offers You:

Under the umbrella of the Gorging Dragons Dragon Boat Team Society, VIP has over 100 members, offers clinics and email communications to hundreds more, and includes teams and equipment that will be seen by thousands of people every year. This allows us to offer you some exciting sponsorship opportunities that will support paddle sports on Vancouver Island while also gaining exposure for your business.

Here is a brief sample of some of the opportunities available to you:
Note: all opportunities on the Gorging Dragons Facebook page or Website will be duplicated on VIP’s sites when they are created.


Sponsorship Placement On VIP Boats:

Our fleet to date includes two Champion 10-paddler boats (9m in length) and two BuK 20-paddler boats (13m in length).

Place your logo on our boats!
$500:  Your logo on both sides of one boat’s bow (front) or stern (back).
Space each side is approximately 5.5'w x 6.5"h.
$1,000:  Your logo along both sides of one boat’s body.
Space each side is approximately 8'w x 8.5"h.

Sponsorship Recognition:

All recognition opportunities take effect as soon as your sponsorship gift is received, and will continue until December 31, 2012 unless otherwise noted. See above for ‘sponsorship-on-boat’ term of guarantee.

Donations of company products and/or gift certificates for products or services will be used in a fundraising auction and/or raffles organized by the Gorging Dragons at a date and time to be determined.

We look forward to working with you on our fundraising efforts. We hope to form a partnership with you in the near future.

Thank you for your consideration.